Valera is a Swiss brand in the design and production of professional hair care equipment since 1955. Designed for salon professionals, the company wanted to expand its visibility in our markets and entrusted this assignment to Distec.

Core Issue

In Belgium, France and Holland, the hair care market is mainly dominated by Babyliss and Philips. The sector is stable and the retailers do not see the point of introducing a new product on their shelves.

Distec has put forward the necessary arguments to convince them.


Distec capitalized on its good relations with some of its retailers and suggested them to do the test by offering Valera products in their stores.

To differentiate the Swiss brand from competing products, Distec highlighted its USPs: Swiss design and manufacture equipment for professionals.

The Distec team wasn’t afraid to innovate by offering the ROTOCORD patented device, which prevents nodes in the cable, and a more powerful and durable AC pro motor.

The POS imagined by Distec was meant to be qualitative, innovative and differentiating to increase the consumer awareness.

Awareness campaigns and visibility have been established in the trade press and the world of fashion with advertisements in ELLE magazine and partnerships with the hairdresser Domenico Toscano.


  1. Valera products have found an audience: customers wishing a result worthy of professional and ready to pay the price for this equipment,
  2. Distributors are pleased with the ROI of the range and its positive impact on the average basket in this category,
  3. In 2015, Valera will be turning 60 and Distec intends to make it known!