Our vision

Distec International offers its services of Value-Added Distribution since 1986. The company is a key trampoline for designers who want to launch their product or their brand in hypermarket networks in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

The Distec expertise differentiates itself through its high value-added distribution service. The company offers its expertise based on 2 axes


01. Launch of new product categories

Distec is not only busy acting as a link between suppliers and distributors. The company adapts the new product to the targeted markets by transforming it in a concept in its own right. Revitive, Homedics and Oregon Scientific are among the best examples of success.

02. Launch of new brands on categories of designated commodities

Distec excels in the art to position a brand in an established market, provided that this brand is a differentiating power.
Salter and Valera have both benefited from the expertise of Distec to be brought into the covered markets.

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Years of experience

Our method

DISTEC International receives dozens of annual requests to accompany the launch of a product or a brand.

The management team is in charge of the selection of projects that are of interest to targeted markets. It is based on several criteria, including:

  • The innovative character, the concept proposed premium
  • The success of the product in another market,
  • The usefulness of the products to the population
  • The quality of the products

Once the gem is found, Distec teams support the launch of the concept from beginning to end.



Our working medthod

Only one or two products are selected annually by the management team. It makes its choice among dozens of applications it receives; the concept must be of interest to targeted markets.
Once the selection phase is completed, the marketing team improves the product in an overall concept. It shapes a tangible identity in order to propose it on the market and make it a success story profitable for all parties concerned.
The commercial department gets in touch with Distec international dealer network in order to offer the concept as a new range to provide the customers of different brand names.
Distec is responsible for storage and delivery of goods to outlets; it also manages stocks and the rest of the logistics.
The new concept is available on the target markets (1.900 outlets) within 6 months.
The commercial section is responsible for forming sales teams for different brand names so that they are fully aware of the product and they have the adequate arguments in front of the end customers.
Distec effectue plus de 5000 visites annuelles en magasin pour s’assurer du bon fonctionnement du concept mis en place (PLV, visibilité, formations techniques des vendeurs en magasins, discours de vente, etc.). L’entreprise prend également en charge le Service après-vente.

Our resources

DISTEC has the tailor-made team to conquer the targeted markets. Each member comes at a precise moment in the process of launch of the concept in the markets, and even after this phase:

  • The Management is responsible for the selection of projects,
  • The Marketing cell develops concepts for visibility and promotion,
  • The Commercial team is composed of:
    • A Key Account Manager who manages supplies to the distributors
    • Inside Sales dealing with orders from suppliers and who are in direct contact with the sales professionals
    • The Sales Professionals who are continually on the ground and perform 5,000 annual visits in stores.
  • The Finance Department handles the billing, credit collecting and other administrative aspects of the company,
  • The Purchase Cell deals with orders, sales and products managed by Distec tracking,
  • The Logistics Team manages inventory in house, supply, transportation and customer service,
  • The IT Department is responsible for all aspects related to the proper functioning of the Distec International information and audiovisual resources.

DISTEC is constantly looking for new talented employees. Product-, solutions- and clients-oriented candidates may send their Curriculum Vitae and letter of motivation to the address jobs@distec.be.


Quentin Janssens

Managing Director