Our offer – distributor/reseller

Distec shows its distributors and resellers an image of innovative corporate with regard to their end customers. Thanks to its expertise and know-how in the launch of products, retailers are assured of the quality and performance of products offered.

The Distec marketing team is implementing impactful visibility and qualitative concepts, different from the competition. This provides right from the start a greater visual impact.

In addition, Distec supports sales training in order to raise awareness of the product or the brand offered. Participants receive concrete and factual explanations so they can use them as selling points to end customers.

The sales team performs about 8 visits per year in nearly 600 different outlets. This represents more than 5,000 annual visits.
This approach provides a qualitative feedback from sellers on the field and provides the necessary arguments to convert the final consumer.

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Our added value – distributor/reseller

Distec International offers its distributors growth opportunities with significant and stable margins.

To include the products promoted by Distec in its collection means creating a new premium range, value-added, giving a new image to the brand and increasing revenues.

Distec offers more than just products. It offers thoughtful and effective marketing concepts that cause a craze among consumers and therefore, a satisfactory turnover.

The marketing team bases its strategy on, among others, a concept of visibility differentiating the product, to stand out from its competitors. The end customer is attracted by the proposed sale, he can test the offer in-store POS provides the necessary information to start the purchase process.

In parallel, Distec also supports sales team training in supermarkets of its network. This allows them to have a better knowledge of the concept, to understand its ins and outs and to find good sales arguments to pass to the consumer.

Finally, Distec ensures rapid logistics service, responsive and flexible (delivery between 24 and 72 hours) and a complete after-sale service of its goods.