UltraSlim Pro


UltraSlim Pro is the ultrasonic slimming solution at home. The professional technology of beauty salons enters now into our homes.

Core issue

The slimming market is widely invaded from all sides! But for a real technological breakthrough, UltraSlim Pro is almost alone on the market by using professional techniques suited to home use.

The key was to convince distributors to reference a new product category usually found in beauty salons.


Distec managed to convince major retailers to expose Homedics products in the well-being area of their stores.

Distec believed, and still believes, in the category of electronic beauty with an amazing future ahead. This explains Distec’s continued investment in this branch. Several concepts already exist (tan, manicure, ...) and are operating. Others deserve particular attention (treatment against wrinkles, hair re-growth, ...). Everything is based on home care providing flexibility, discretion, ease and settled in one go.

Distec invested heavily in visibility in store and in the training of the sales force to provide better advice to the customer.


  1. UltraSlim Pro has found its place and customers in our retailers’ network
  2. UltraSlim Pro is the only device proven scientifically
  3. UltraSlim is almost the only device in its class