Salter is an active English brand since 1760 on the weighing market (weighing machines and kitchen scale). Undisputed leader in the UK with a market share of 85%, the company wished to conquer our country and therefore relied on Distec to meet this challenge.

Core issue

Tefal, Terraillon and other brands dominate the weighing market in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Salter came therefore in a fairly complete and stable sector.

The distributors had little interest in introducing a new brand in their collection. Distec had to persuade them otherwise.


Distec capitalized on its good relations with some retailers and offered them a test by offering Salter products in their stores.

To differentiate Salter scales from competing products, Distec highlighted the brand’s UVP: 15 year warranty.

The marketing team has designed a qualitative and innovative POS to highlight the products’ colourful design, which was an innovation in the market.

Distec also chosen to select a few products to market in a first step, according to the opportunities and then to expand the category once the brand awareness was assured.


  1. Salter has emerged gradually on the shelves in the largest retailers,
  2. The brand is No. 1 in Belgium in bathrooms and kitchens,
  3. Salter is progressing very well in France and Holland with significant growth and the best places among retailers.