Oregon Scientific


Oregon Scientific is the inventor and world leader in the weather station and the Wall Projection Clock. These products, of superior quality and high standard, were still unknown to the public at the beginning of 2000. To sell them in our countries, the US firm has called on the expertise of Distec.

Core issue

This new category of product had to be created in 2000, because at the time weather stations did not exist. All distributors were reluctant to face this new development.

Distec had to convince them of the potential that this range had for the market.


Distec first started offering weather stations in the network of opticians, because they were already selling mercury barometers, the link was more obvious.

Distec teams took the time for training and to inform sellers so that they are perfectly comfortable with the range of Oregon Scientific products.

Distec created in-store visibility concepts adapted to the objectives of the brand, which differentiates its models depending on the final use (domestic, hobbies, professional, ...). The consumer had therefore an overview of the products and necessary explanations to ensure the functions of each model are fully understood.


  1. Oregon Scientific was and still is the absolute leader in its category
  2. The profile of these products in our countries is very high
  3. The company still offers substantial innovations in connection with the evolution of current technologies.