Iluminage is the result of a partnership between Syneron and Unilever, whose ambition was to become the leader in the electronic beauty sector.

Iluminage contacts Distec to launch the first product of this partnership, a permanent hair removal device that combines IPL and Radio Frequency for optimal results.

Core issue

IPL is a new segment, mainly created and dominated by Philips. Many other actors have ventured but their technical shortcomings quickly harmed them. Iluminage thus relied on innovative technologies, coupled with a high degree of clinical evidence.

Although the quality is present, the public is not yet used to this new technology. The challenge of Distec is to educate and reassure consumers about the effectiveness of products.


The Distec team decided to initially focus on products which technology allows exploiting at best results obtained in professional institutes. The Elos technology is perfect, because it provides real benefits to users (more efficient, faster, safer).

Distec also invested in training sales teams so that they can explain the benefits of this new technology compared with less expansive - and therefore low-end - products.

Communication to the final customer was especially worked out to bring more support to the benefits of Iluminage products against competitors.


  1. Iluminage value is the leader in this segment in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands,
  2. The Elos technology is recognized as the most effective by users on our markets,
  3. Distributors are satisfied with the established position, because it allows maintaining a certain average basket and builds customer loyalty.