The House of Marley


In view of the enormous growth in the headphones sector in 2010, 3 of the 11 children of Bob Marley decided to create their own label: The House of Marley. Their products stand out from their competitors thanks to original colors and materials, in addition to superior sound quality.

Distec launched headsets of the brand in the target markets.

Core issue

In view of the market trends, the difference of the House of Marley products can be an advantage as a disadvantage.

In addition, major industry players have communication and promotion budgets which the new brand cannot afford. The role of Distec is to convince retailers of the advantage of offering different products.


Distec has chosen to highlight this difference by positioning it as a high-end feature.

This helped to raise awareness of the leading retailers in this segment (FNAC, Boulanger, Media Markt) that these products with finer and more sophisticated materials would find their own target audience.


  1. The House of Marley brand has fulfilled its mission: to provide a quality alternative to competition,
  2. The brand takes time to grow on the basis of these flagship models that have new colors with the seasons,
  3. The House of Marley brand moves ahead cautiously in a highly competitive market.