Newa is an advanced anti-ageing treatment. With 3DEEP Skin Science, a new technology developed by dermatologists, Newa triggers the natural production of collagen, reduces wrinkles and firms and lifts skin. The effects, clinically tested, are twofold: immediately after the treatment, the skin is plumped up and smoother, following a month of treatment, the wrinkles are noticeably smoothed, the face is toned up again.

Newa is enjoying success in Japan, Australia, England... and has turned to Distec to launch the brand on the French, Belgian, Luxemburg and Dutch markets.

Core issue

Newa is a revolutionary anti-wrinkle treatment. It is the only home-use device that has proven it is effective at triggering the production of collagen.

The age prevention and treatment market segment is more than active and drawn toward the top end because of the deluxe brands. It is not the intention that Newa replace existing products but rather that it complement and revolutionise the anti-ageing range of products.

Distec convinced the distributors of the opportunity to develop their electronic beauty category and to stock a new brand with undeniable advantages: clinically proven, impressive results, technology used by the professionals made available to the general public and a safe, comfortable and simple treatment.


Distec has persuaded not only the major GSS players, but it is also about to finalize an agreement with major perfume retailers. Because electronic beauty products are a booming segment, Distec seized the opportunity to expand and adjust the range of partners with whom it works.

Training the sales teams and giving all the vendors a chance to test the product is a crucial step since the effects are already immediately visible after the first treatment. Distec made every effort to afford them the means to disclose the information and give its clients reassurance on this new technology.

Being able to market the product in the store is essential. This is why Distec took care of high-quality displays and presentations of the product. Furthermore, these displays were informative and brochures with additional information were made available to the clientèle.

Distec set up key campaigns on social networks coupled with a major high-visibility campaign with the most important and influential bloggers through our news agency. The goal was to boost awareness and ensure that the content was not short-lived.


  1. Newa found its place amongst our partners
  2. Newa is the only device in its category that uses a miniaturized professional technique for use at home
  3. Newa is continuing its research to innovate in the area of treating the signs of ageing.