JAM is a young American brand specializing in the manufacture of mobile Bluetooth speakers. Its mission is to free all those who love music from all the hassle of plugging cables without affecting the sound quality, while remaining affordable.

Core issue

In Belgium and France, the market for mobile Bluetooth speaker is highly competitive. JAM is a young brand and little known to the public. The challenges is to get a place in the highly competitive linear


Distec capitalized on its good relations with some of its retailers and offered them to complete a test by offering the JAM products in their stores.

To differentiate the American brand from competing products, Distec highlighted its strengths:

  • A comprehensive and consistent range.
  • Original and attractive packaging
  • Effective solutions for retail.

Distec team has not been afraid to move forward in shops to browse with vendors the product range and the differentiation from competition.

Awareness campaigns have been standing on the social networks in order to create the "buzz" on the mark.


  1. JAM products have found their audience: young customers wishing qualitative, original and affordable products
  2. JAM products have drawn the attention of a prestigious retailer like FNAC. Sales results are very positive.