Homedics is the inventor and the world leader in home massage. The brand offers its users a seat to relax or to reduce back pain.

The company relied on Distec in 2007 to launch its products in our markets.

Core issue

When Homedics appointed Distec, the home massage category didn’t exist and the brand was not known.

To convince the final buyer of the benefits of a Homedics massage, he must be allowed to try the product. The biggest challenge is to convince retailers to adopt the concept of "try me - love me - buy me" despite the space required to expose the massage seats.


Distec managed to convince the major retailers to expose Homedics products in the welfare of their stores area. The idea was to encourage customers to test the product before buying it: the concept of "Try me - Love me - Buy me" was born.

Distec also focused on high-quality products that provide true quality massage. This strategy paid off because Homedics is the only brand to offer significant and regular innovations, ensuring products at the cutting edge of this technology, and quality massages.

Distec invested heavily in visibility in store and in the training of the sales force to provide better advice to the end customer and explain the various innovations in the range.


  1. Homedics is the undisputed market leader in our countries,
  2. The brand now enjoys a strong reputation among consumers and professionals,
  3. Homedics products are recognized as the best in the massage category.