Revitive, an English brand, offers products that help boosting blood circulation in the legs and reducing symptoms associated with water retention (heavy legs, swollen ankles, cramps, cold feet, etc.). Their effectiveness is scientifically proven.

This product range is already a success in Australia, Canada, USA and Scandinavian countries. To conquer our markets, it is natural that Revitive turned to Distec.

Core issue

Revitive is a revolutionary device, but unknown to the public. This product range didn’t exist in the distributors’ collection.

Distec had to convince of the opportunity it represented on the market, in addition to increasing awareness of the problem of water retention, which affects 30% of the population.

Distec had to provide the public with real education, information and reassurance to successfully launch these products.


Distec took advantage of its good relations with some retailers to introduce Revitive in the specialty hypermarkets.

It was essential to provide an opportunity to test the product in the stores, because the concept was unknown to the general public. Distec has developed solutions to show the product, test it and get more information through a leaflet.

Training sales teams was also important, because most vendors were not part of the product target. It was therefore necessary to build up awareness and explain the benefits of Revitive so that they in turn convince the customers.

Distec has implemented extensive TV advertising campaigns on national channels in Belgium and France, coupled with Print campaigns in health magazines.

Credibility and effectiveness of the product is the key to its success. Distec focused on a presence in the medical community by taking part in the “Printemps de la phlébologie” and creating a partnership with Dr. Benigni, an outstanding French phlebologist.


  1. In the second half of 2013, Revitive has found its place among all specialized retailers,
  2. Almost 100,000 people have had their lives changed by the daily use of Revitive,
  3. Early in 2015, Revitive will appear in the network of pharmacists.